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In our first blog, Susan talks to Sandra Roycroft-Davis – one of the United Kingdom’s most successful female entrepreneurs and founder of –

Slimpod a revolutionary and

medically endorsed slimming system.

Sandra talks about her company, her successes and why Zamala’s media and presentation training are part of that success.

A Harley Street weight loss specialist and member of the All-Party Parliamentary Obesity Group, Sandra is a key player in Public Health England's Sugar Reduction Summit. She is currently working with hospitals in the UK to improve the health of the nurses and other frontline NHS staff. As one of the 0.5% of women in Britain, who run enterprises turning over more than £1m a year, Sandra’s ground-breaking business has disrupted the multi-million-pound dieting industry, causing a paradigm change that has transformed countless lives.

Sandra’s clients are thinking themselves slimmer and staying slim. No longer yo-yo-ing between expensive and failing diets.

Scientifically endorsed and NHS approved

Slimpod, the scientifically endorsed programme eschews the traditional calorie counting or restraint that is the bedrock of “slimming solutions” for a simple, powerful, proven method of changing the way you think about food. The result -according to clinical trials by City University London; “Slimpod was effective at reducing weight and increasing eating self-efficacy…and could, therefore, be included as part of the suite of interventions offered by healthcare professionals to those seeking to lose weight.” Source

A senior psychiatrist at the Central Middlesex Hospital, Mr Gideon Felton, who is also a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, trialled the programme citing that listening to Slimpod had a dramatic impact on him and describing it as “profound and life-changing”.

Concentrating the mind

In Sandra’s communications for media interviews, she is as focused and clear on her messages as she is in developing her business. Sandra applies the Zamala triangle system, to ensure she conveys the powerful change she has brought to the world of slimming – allowing her clients to take back control over food, change the way they think and therefore eat, and understand that this approach is not a “diet fad” but a medically approved system that works.

“I found the 3S triangle so helpful in concentrating my mind on what I can really get across in a short interview. It was so helpful to get Susan’s insight into how the media works, and her advice that I need to control the interview, in the same way I empower my clients to control their diet, rather than being controlled by the diet industry. I love the fact that we share this empowering view in our business strategies.” said Sandra Roycroft-Davies.

Know your audience, and speak in their language.

Recommended by doctors and nurses in the NHS, the Slimpod programme, which is medically endorsed, is a unique combination of behavioural science, neuroscience, psychology and the science of habit and unconscious persuasion, empowering the participant to take control over food by retraining the brain so that healthy eating becomes an automatic habit, without dieting or willpower!

Apart from marketing a momentous product, Slimpod’s success is directly related to its relationship with its audience. Both Zamala and Slimpod believe a fundamental mistake many businesses make is not being able to connect emotionally with their clients. Crafting messaging, vlogs, blogs, and social media posts that speak directly to the end-user, and in essence communicating how you can solve their problem with your systems is key to a product’s success.

Slimpod is a case study of just how this should be done! Zamala coaches our clients in ensuring their messaging lands, be it with the media, or with their clients - all while speaking in the right tone, using the most appropriate language and providing the right solution to the customer’s problem.

Training for the Boardroom.

Sandra also acknowledges that presentation and media skills have become the fabric of her everyday business life.

“Whether I’m presenting at an All Party Parliamentary session, or negotiating a contract, taking control of your messaging, understanding how to bridge from one area to another, and being able to always circle back to the salient points is paramount,” says Sandra, “and these were core skills Susan imparted in her training. Every business should explore this methodology to give itself a serious advantage in the boardroom.”

Well-being boost

Well-being is bang on the agenda for employers in the modern workplace.

If you want to give a well-being boost to your employees, follow the example of Sandra’s many NHS hospitals and offer them a Slimpod course. Your staff will love you for that.

“One NHS trust chief executive has just written to me saying that her workforce has been happier and much more productive since taking part in the Slimpod programme offered to them, losing a total of 15 stone between them! It makes sense from an economic and employee welfare perspective to invest in your staff”

Become a great storyteller!

Great companies start with great products, but unless you can tell the story of your product it will stay on the shelf. Become a storyteller and let us help you tell the world about your company in a way your clients can clearly understand how your products can benefit them.

For more information on Sandra Roycroft-Davis and Slimpod, visit If you want to develop your messaging and presentation skills, learn more about Susan Bookbinder at


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